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This will be my repository for all my links to the various 3D software that is out there.
I’ll list as much freeware as possible but I’ll also list the retail software you should check out.

There are actually a ton of 3D freeware out there and a lot of it is pretty dated, I will try and list only the more modern, useful and/or unique programs.


Blender – Probably the most known and used of 3D freeware. It is a “full package” 3D program, meaning it can model, rig, shade, uv unwrap, texture, render and animate. Basically, everything, for free.

Studio – By Daz3D, it is the free posing program for their extensive library of various 3D models. Daz3D Freebie models available Right Here.

Wings – Popular subdivision polygonal modeling program.

Plant Studio – An older retail program that now has been made free to the public. Use it to create 3D models of grass, flowers, weeds, and herb plants.

Bryce 7 PLE (Personal Learning Edition) – Eternal Bryce, now in its seventh version!


I will be adding more links as I find them.
If you have any suggestions, feel free to email them to me at


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