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Offsite Resources – 2D/3D News Info – Site List

There are a number of websites that offer up news and information in the realm of 2D, 3D and related areas. Here are some to check out.

CG Channel – One of the top sites, they have much more than just news.

CG Society – Another top site, they also have much more than just news articles.

CG Digg  – Be sure to also check out the “Upcoming News” tab. They have a great archive of news posts.

CG India – Not updated often, but a great repository of 3D news.

CG News – I’m new to this one, still feeling it out.

CG Record – I’m new here also.

3D Total – scroll down, they have great little areas of “offsite” news, tutorials, etc.

I will be adding more links as I find them.
If you have any suggestions, feel free to email them to me at


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