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My Freebies #2 – Image Textures – Nature

Here is group #2 of seamless / tile-able image textures for your own use, from myself.

Texture #1 is a leafy ground cover and the textures #2 – #5 are grass. All are 2k each in size.

Leaf #1 is off a tree outside my place. Yup, its from a tree even though it looks like a fern. 2K in size.
Color/Diffuse map and Transparency/Alpha map.

Leaf #2 is a scan of a Skeleton Leaf.
*Warning, these are BIG images! Both are 4k in size. (4,096 x 4,096 – 4.7mb each)
Color/Diffuse map and Transparency/Alpha map.

Feel free to use these for your personal or commercial projects, whatever you want.

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