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Image textures! Sooner or later, almost no matter what you do in either 2D or 3D CGI, you will want to gather some image textures to use in your creations.
These are some of the sites I go to to grab textures, some are huge sites, others are small but just keep looking until you find what you need.

I have NO doubt that I have way more links backed up elsewhere. As I sift through them and find more, I’ll add them into this post.

Now, in no particular order (Order? Who needs order?), are my links, copied right out of my Firefox faves;

*Those entries in bold are must-see collections.


Google Image Search – Man, have I ever embraced this as a starting point to find image textures. Especially after visiting all the other sites, this is a great way
to find new textures you’ve never seen before or when you are looking for something obscure that most sites don’t have (cracked glass, circuit board, etc).

More to come as I find them in my piles of favorites!

If you have any link suggestions, feel free to email them to me at

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