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“Link” Robot

I was playing around with some various new HDRI settings using the Link robot. Here are a few of the renders I made.

I also experimented in Photoshop with trying some new techniques when creating the DOF blurring in post-work. Doing DOF in post is much, much faster than rendering with it and obviously allows for far greater flexibility in changing not only the level/amount of blurring but even what area is in focus. One problem with doing DOF in post is that; an object in great focus laid on top of an object in great blur will cause an outline halo around the object in focus (i.e.; a shallow dept of field). There are workarounds for this and they will usually work but in some cases they just fail and so I tried this; I cut out various parts of the robot out in Photoshop, then put them in separate layers and then blurred each layer individually. Since they were apart from one another, the amount of blur one layer received could not affect the other and no halo aberrations were created.

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