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Let’s start this blog off by spotlighting what is a pretty interesting piece of software called KnotPlot.

Now, I had wanted to tell you of an cool piece of Freeware, which KnotPlot used to be, yet the programmers decided to give their software seemingly no real updates (that I can see?) save for the “1.0″ but started charging $30 for it. So, if you already have an older version of program that you had downloaded, hold onto it, from what I can tell the older versions does exactly what the new retail version does, of which the most important parts are actually being able to export your mesh as a .obj or your current view as a .eps (2d vector image).

Anyway, these are a couple of older renders using .obj meshes that I had made/exported out of the older freeware version of KnotPlot.

KnotPlot #1 KnotPlot #2

It’s a funky-cool program and for some reason I have always had a soft spot for programs with a unique gui. (ZBrush, any gui created by Kai Krause, etc.)

KnotPlot is still definitely worth the download to take a look at as it has tons of presets and has a bit of a “meditational playtoy” vibe to it. Basically, it’s fun to twiddle with along with being nicely quirky.


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