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Barmaid Painting

*Print available over at deviantART.

With this painting I used stock photography by Cathleen Tarawhiti as my starting point and color reference.

The finished file consists of three layers of paint (rough underpainting, medium detail and a touch-up layer), and two
layers of pencil (one shading, one sketch) also a couple effects layers and a ridiculous amount of adjustment layers.

The final painting was done in Photoshop CS6 at 3,600 x 5,400 in 16-bit with the ProPhoto RGB gamut, so in comparison
with these jpg’s, the real color count is actually far higher and more intense. (and a pain to convert back for the web)

Big thanks to Cathleen for her beautiful stock collection and to the wonderful model, Mahia Keepa-Hale!

Here is a desktop wallpaper version (2560×1600). You can catch more detail in this crop, click through to get the full sized image;

Here is a 1:1 crop from the full sized original;

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